The Risks of Using Public Domains Images Free of Charge in WordPress

What do Public domains images free of charge mean? Read and discover the risks related to using these images in WordPress!

Even though Creative Commons or CC, Public Domains, and GNU Public Licenses allow free usage of photos and images, and the license status automatically makes them safe to use, the truth is that using these photos in your articles, blog posts, presentations can be quite risky, from a legal point of view.

We are not saying that you should avoid these photos, but to be careful when using them.

Any website owner, blogger or online publisher who wants to follow the low and avoid copyright issues, should use stock photographies to have the best insurance and a legal guarantee.

There is nothing wrong with using Public domains images free of charge, Creative Commons images, and etc. however, you should always double check the term and conditions of the photo, so you will know where you are free to use the photo for both personal and commercial projects or whether or not attribution is required.

In this article, we will cover the possible risks any website owner, blogger or marketer needs to know when using Public Domains Images free of charge.

The images under this license are usually used by bloggers and publishers who don’t really know how to use them correctly. These individuals are not aware of the possible issues they might face in the future. While many of the photos or images look safe (from a legal point of view) it is really challenging for any blogger or publisher to differentiate what is really free and safe, and what isn’t.

Before we continue, let’s see what does Public Domains Images mean?

Public domain is a content that is not subject to illegal copyright, The images or the photos that are labeled as Public Domain means that there is absolutely no copyright related to them and that the original author or artist have released the photos of everyone to use them, free of charge.

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However, there are various reasons why a photo falls under the Public Domain. One of the reasons is because of jurisdiction. The photo or the image is so old which means that a copyright is no longer relevant. Usually, this can mean that the photo is older than 50 or 100 years or more.

In the USA, any image or photo created and published by a government agency belongs to the people (or in this case, to the public), for example, photos that are taken by NASA, and etc.

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The content creator or the artist can give up the copyright over their original photos. It can be for ideological reasons, for self-promotional reasons or just because this person believed that their photos should be available to other people for free.

Although these photos are labeled as public domain images, you should keep in mind that copyright is different from one country to another. This is why you can’t trust the label. You should check the copyright law of your country or consult with an attorney before using the photo. By doing so, you will be sure you are on the safe side.

There are some great websites and online sources where you can find high-quality and high-resolution photos you can use in your upcoming social media posts, blog posts, articles, presentations, and etc. Some of the best Public Domain image free websites to check out are Unsplash, Flickr Commons, Public Domain Pictures, Magdaleine, ISO Republic, Jay Mantri, Realistic Shots, Public Domain Archive, and Viintage.