Prestashop is an open source shopping cart software provider. This company offers you free software with a cloud based alternative. Also you can use the software paying another hosting service company. Further in this article we are going to describe the Prestashop e-commerce solutions reviews. The store builder market is increasing you need to know your alternatives.

The integration of social networks like Facebook, instagram, tweeter, EBay market place and the Amazon market place have an additional cost. However this option gives you the opportunity to customize a competitive online ecommerce store. Pretashop define itself as a simple but powerful store builder, they have some astonish options to improve your online stores.  Ecommerce Marketing

Indeed, the cross selling option and a very appealing dashboard design help new customers to enlace themselves with this store builder. The friendly shopping experience promote by Prestashop is getting more merchants followers every day. In addition, the products layout is excellent besides the day to day management & analytics process is 100% professional. Next we would give you a full Prestashop e-commerce solutions reviews.


Prestashop Payment Gateways

One common question in the online store business is how do we receive or make online payments? This store builder offers you different payment methods like PayPal, Blue Pay payment, Mercury payment and Amazon payment. In fact the security of your transactions is safe and covers. The security patched is very safe also the shopping cart software offers by Prestashop is very handy and complete.

Shopify Vs Volusion

General Features:

The inventory features are very complete in this store builder. Prestashop offers to bulk your import and export business with bases in Paris and Miami they can help you with the international customs requirements. The time in the international shipping of your products is important for a successful business. The day a day management experience and e-commerce analytics provides you the instruments to improve your intercontinental business.

Furthermore the unlimited listing and the loyalty program is excellent. The program gives you discounts according to the time you have with the company. The design template offers more than 2000 web designs templates and the SEO features marketing area is doing an excellent job.

Also the international shopping cart solutions keep track with new technologies in the area. However the Prestashop e-commerce solutions reviews reveals that expand options have extra charges that could increase the price of the service. Prestashop offers a demo of their software available online to try their service we recommend users to download the demo to create your own opinion.

 Steps to create a Prestoshop online store

 –Basic conditions computer, internet and web browser.

-Download the software to your computer. The company offers

-Create a Username and password.

-Use the dashboard guide to choose your favorite theme template you can choose over 2000 designs.

-Up-load your new products images.

– Up-load the marketing content.

-Install the Payment Gateway of your preference.

-Start selling your merchandise.

-Choose your extra modules to complete and expand your store.

Prestashop e-commerce solutions reviews

According to experts opinions Prestashop works very well for small business. Nevertheless, big companies are a trouble sometimes, since they demand more capacity and some companies have controversial reviews about the company. Indeed, some of them alleged that the bandwidth capacity was very limited and in the storefront marketing it was difficult to increase the stock inventory.

Although entrepreneurs like the e-commerce platform it is simple and easy to use. The setup dashboard is very appealing and the software has not charge, if you already have a hosting provider. However Prestashop offers their hosting service and the cloud integrate system in the corporative edition.

E-commerce analytics review

The analytics account information is the key in the ecommerce store business. The mega data report would show several factors that would help your business sales to increase and your accounting system to improve. Also the system helps non experiment developers to understand the online sales system. Though it is important to check your analytics account.

There is collect information about each transaction of your online store. Information such as: the item that was purchase, the category in which it belongs, the tax percentage per unit, the profit percentage per unit, products performance and sales performance. The information collected is an essential part of your business.

In conclusion, it would develop an online account system that you can track worldwide.  In fact you can see in a map where your products are been sale and who is buying the products. Entrepreneurs are choosing e-commerce analytics as an important tool in their online ecommerce store businesses.

Therefore you can take advantage of that information to improve your marketing department and to analyses the strengths and weakness of your company. The sales would go up that is for sure, our recommendation download the software and use it. The best Prestashop e-commerce solutions reviews you can have are your own experience using the system.  E-commerce storefront


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