Ecommerce solutions for small business


In the recent years, technological advancement is making the world a global village. Old models of marketing are quickly being edged out of the market by online retail marketing. The internet has made it easy for customers to enquire and purchase their products of choice from the comfort of their houses. Modern phones as well as computer used in the recent past have become a critical requirement for a better life especially among the young people. Just a click on the mouse or screen of a smart phone by a potential client can translate into big deal for a business.

Small businesses are setting aside a budget to cater for ecommerce software and other products. There are several factors to consider while choosing the best solution for any business. They range from price, scalability, community size and convenience to the needs of the business. Small firms opt for cheaper solutions but with a huge following. Here are some of the best solutions for small business:


  1. Shopify

It is an e-commerce system that has a web host and a web designer. This ecommerce solution is ideal for launching a new site to smoothly manage and run an ecommerce online retail shop. A customized storefront is availed to the clients and also a payment processing system. It has a back-end functionality and provides the vendor with online marketing tools, the client gets a well organized customer relationship management as well as an inventory management function. The greatest advantage of new and small businesses using this ecommerce solution is that it is easy to use and requires no expertise to use. Running an online store on this solution is instant.


  1. Magneto

For small businesses looking for the most customizable ecommerce solution, then magneto is the way to go. It is an open source ecommerce system; it gives small businesses to have sites that look exactly how they would want them to look like. Every aspect and component of the website is tailored by the owner in their own makes of preference. It also gives the best deal for small businesses planning to run more than one online store. Several online stores can be monitored from a single magneto platform dashboard.




  1. Woocommerce

For small business with Wordpress powered websites and blogs, it is very easy to transform them into ecommerce businesses via this ecommerce system. While on a wordpress platform, it would be free to launch a stand-alone online retail store using woocommerce. Woocommerce cart plugins enables all business launch a free word press retail online website easily and as quickly as the business would want it. It is a renowned ecommerce solution used by many businesses all over the world. Customization options for this platform are countless. The capabilities are superbly limitless. A collection of themes and extensions makes the website appealing and attractive.

  1. Selz

For small businesses that do not deal with physical goods and services, selz comes in handy as a solution. Books, video, music files and other digital services offering online retail businesses are taken care of by selz. It even goes further to distribute these products on behalf of the business. When the business builds a storefront on selz, then this ecommerce solution takes up automatically, roles of processing orders as well as accepting payments. It sends the contents to the customers and also downloads links to guide them. This solution therefore is convenient and requires little input of the business.

  1. Commerce hub

Commerce hub is a cloud hosted platform which enables small online retail businesses to increase sales, expand their inventory and connect them to buyers who are loyal to their business. They achieve this by linking up suppliers to retailers. Businesses with new brands get a chance of engaging sources of consistent suppliers. This ecommerce platform enables vendor achieve complete integration with product sources even for startup businesses. This is a huge milestone as traditionally this was only possible to developed businesses with links to prominent suppliers. This allows these small businesses to cover the gap between manufacturers and consumers in totality. Middle level and new businesses under this platform are able to build a more consistent network with their sourcing partners. They don’t have to necessarily create a long channel of a delivery pipeline.

  1. Drupal commerce

It is one of the best ecommerce solutions for small businesses, one of the few platforms launched within a comprehensive content management system. Users can easily customize the look of their sites. This is extremely important for users with little back end expertise of ecommerce systems. Configuring this solution is highly flexible in that it is highly modular. It’s scaling is one of the best. However, users cannot hosts this by themselves. Unless the user has sophisticated expertise on technology, an in house developer’s skills must be procured. Drupal is cheap and affordable since it does require licensing fee to use.


  1. Squarespace

Square space is a fully loaded ecommerce solution and one of the most affordable platforms for a small business. It gives users a wide range of template choices to choose from. These templates come with different beautiful themes and layout that makes the site lovely and attractive. Users can upload an unlimited number of products on their online retail store. The vendor further has full control of the inventory manager, which thereby enables them to display various types of the same product. This makes it easy for the trader to manage inventory stock. Although squarespace does not give a wide range of capabilities of search optimization engine (SEO) it is still a great option in that users can run it from the comfort of their homes and offices.

  1. Volusion

It is an easy to use platform that suites small businesses since it is a robust solution. This solution is comprehensive and enables small firms to run different online retail outlets on one platform. Volusion has a huge community of customers thus makes small firms get an easy access into the huge online market. Volusion also gives a great deal of attractive website designs. It’s themes require no coding or technical skills and knowhow to run. A wide-range of free premium templates that are customizable are also offer by this ecommerce solution, just a click and they are added to the retail store of the user. It has powerful SEO tools that make the retail store appear almost at the top of all searches. With the growing use of the social media, users are able to share their products effortlessly though this ecommerce system. Customer support is on standby round the clock to answers questions and help out users when need rises. Building a store is quick to the convenience of customers regardless the size of the firm.

  1. Bigcommerce

For small business with big visions of creating powerful stores for all types of products, then Bigcommerce is one of the ecommerce systems to pick. A website and a domain name are availed by this platform to the users. The shopping cart of the online store is secure and it is open round the clock. The cost of getting the services of this solution is relatively cheap. This is because there are no hosting, update and maintenance charges. A combination of tools needed for the current marketing strategies are offered by this platform. This is important for small businesses with new brands in the market. New advanced features such as premium hosting make this ecommerce solution edge out others. Users can seamlessly sell their products on multiple channels from a one location. This interprets to a higher conversion of visitors to customers.


These applications will ensure your business is blown to success. Some may be expensive but they are worth the investment